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Actor Chris Evans didn’t wear a ‘Keep America Trumpless’ t-shirt

A photo of Captain America actor Chris Evans wearing an anti-Trump t-shirt has recently gone viral, but it’s a fake. The message on Evans’ shirt actually read “State of Oregon” but was digitally replaced with an anti-Trump message. Let’s take a look at the facts.

The actor Chris Evans did not wear a shirt that says "Keep America Trumpless.”
This is a doctored photo with text on Evans’ shirt that was changed.
Fan accounts on Instagram and Twitter shared the authentic photo, which shows that the design on Evans’ t-shirt was actually the emblem from the Oregon state flag.
Evans has been publicly critical of former President Donald Trump in the past.
The original photo shows that Evans was wearing a “State of Oregon” shirt.

NewsLit takeaway

Printed messages, including those on t-shirts, are easy to doctor and should always be verified before being shared. As Dan Evon points out in his fact-check of this photo for Snopes (linked below), doctored t-shirt rumors featuring celebrities are common — and sometimes feature shirts for sale online, which underscores one possible motivation for their creation and circulation.

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