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Impostor astronaut uses green screen to lie about NASA using green screen

A video purports to show a NASA astronaut using a green screen to fake being in space. But that isn’t what happened. Let’s look at the facts.

An Instagram post reads, “This was supposedly a video from space, as you can see there is a little bit of green screen theatrics in the back” and features a video captioned “Astronaut Karen Nyberg @ The International Space Station.” The News Literacy Project added a label that says, “NOT NYBERG.”
The woman in this video is not NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg.
This video was created for a flat Earth YouTube channel to demonstrate how someone could fake a weightless environment with a green screen.
Creators filmed the footage on Earth, then used a green screen to add a still image from the International Space Station, along with various floating objects.

NewsLit takeaway

Instilling doubt can sometimes spread conspiracy theories more effectively than providing any evidence for them. This video, for example, was not created to prove that NASA uses green screens to lie about space travel; instead, it aims to show how NASA could lie about space travel if it wanted to. USA Today fact-checkers identified the woman in the video as a flat Earth believer acting in a skit, which later went viral.

The flat Earth conspiracy theory isn’t as much about proving that the Earth is flat as it is to sow doubt about scientific knowledge. There still are a surprising number of people who embrace flat Earth beliefs.

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