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Ukraine sheer assertion

No, ‘megachurches’ aren’t neglecting to support Ukrainians

A viral meme falsely claims that no American megachurches have offered support to Ukrainians. But that’s not true. Let’s take a look at the facts.

A Facebook post of a meme that says “Funny how we haven’t seen a single American mega church offer anything to the Ukrainians….” The News Literacy Project has added a label that says “FALSE.”
It’s not true that megachurches in the United States have failed to offer support to Ukrainians during the Russian invasion.
Fact-checkers have confirmed that a number of American megachurches “are actively soliciting and distributing relief” to Ukrainians affected by the war.

NewsLit takeaway

People and partisan groups often find ways to use major news events like the war in Ukraine to score political points. Megachurches and celebrity pastors — including Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church in Houston, which is pictured in this meme— have previously been targets of misinformation, particularly in the wake of disasters. This post is also a good example of how a “sheer assertion” — or a claim made without evidence — can be shared widely when it connects with people’s existing beliefs and biases.

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