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Viral video is not the Russian warship Moskva

A video clip of a warship exploding at sea has gone viral out of context following the sinking of the Moskva, the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet. Let’s take a look at the facts.

A still from a TikTok video showing a ship exploding at sea. The News Literacy Project has added a label that says, "NOT THE MOSKVA."
The ship in this viral video is not the Russian warship Moskva, which sank in the Black Sea on April 14.
It is video of a missile test on a decommissioned ship conducted by the Norwegian Navy in 2013.

NewsLit takeaway

Sensational footage of fires, artillery and other military combat scenes has repeatedly gone viral out of context during the war between Ukraine and Russia — often to chase clicks and engagement online. As is the case during many significant news events, purveyors of misinformation seized on the sinking of Russia’s flagship missile cruiser for attention — and the stunning video of the decommissioned Norwegian naval ship exploding was easy to pass off out of context. Though these kinds of false context rumors are often recirculated without being altered, in this instance the original video was flipped, likely to make it more difficult for fact-checkers to locate the actual source.

Here is a full copy of the video:

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